Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds

Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds have been exclusively designed by Westral and are perfectly suited for patio, alfresco, verandah and balcony areas. Available in a variety of finishes, Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds will enhance your outdoor entertainment area ensuring year round enjoyment.

        Features & Benefits

  • Offers protection from the sun, UV and glare.
  • Reduces the effects of wind and rain.
  • Reduces insect intrusion.
  • Manufactured using high grade powder coated aluminium extrusions, stainless steel brackets, brass locking pins and marine grade nylon infused plastics to ensure they can withstand the harshest of environments.
  • Contemporary fully enclosed head box design, (optional extra), which will compliment any outdoor setting.
  • Child-safe. No ropes or pulleys.
  • Available fabrics include: Mesh, Canvas, Acrylic, clear or tinted PVC.
  • Easy to use, central control operation comes standard on both sides.
  • Flat side retention zip ensures blind operates smoothly.
  • Option for additional locking points allows for complete versatility.
  • Can span up to 5.85m in width.
  • Option to motorise with Alpha 240v Tubular Motors.
  • Designed and made in Western Australia exclusively by Westral.